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A Weekly, Syndicated Humor Column
by Tim Mollen

Future humor columnist Tim Mollen
channels the god of pre-teen awkwardness
(AKA his older brother, Dan)


?/strong>Lost Journal?/strong> currently appears in newspapers in New York, Illinois, and California.



Having never kept an actual journal, Tim writes these humor columns in retrospect.  Each week, he chooses a different day in his lifetime, and writes about it as though it were today.  A particular entry may be about a day last week, or Halloween 1980, or the day he was born.  Some of you may be asking, ?/font>But how would he have been able to write a journal entry on the day he was born??/font>  To you, Tim says:  ?/font>Lighten up.  It?/span>s a humor column.?/font>



Trip into this World Calls for a Travel Agent
From the baby’s perspective, birth is a trip.

Comedy Blackout at Friendly’s
A college student is trapped in a workplace joke vacuum.

Try to Make it to the Couch
Brothers invent an extreme sport to be played during TV commercials.

Field Trip to the Sewage Treatment Plant
Middle-schoolers get the opportunity to learn about one of their favorite topics.

Ask Your Doctor About Stuffacil!
Some side effects are impossible.



Tim lives in Binghamton, NY, and has 20 years of professional experience as an actor, teacher, and writer.  His comedic skills were further honed at the Second City Improv Conservatory in Chicago.  Most importantly, he grew up in a house with five older brothers.  The family?/span>s operating principle was ?/span>Be funny, or die.?/span>


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  • LOST JOURNAL is the Number 3 result for the Google search term “humor column.?/p>

  • LOST JOURNAL was featured on XM Radio’s “Tony Kornheiser Show.?/p>

  • Family-friendly humor doesn’t have to lack an edge.
  • Tim Mollen has more than ten years of experience writing newspaper columns, and has never missed a deadline.

  • He writes clean, crisp copy that needs very little editing or polishing.


Pricing for LOST JOURNAL is negotiable, and based on your publication’s budget and circulation.  If you don?/span>t currently have room in your print edition, consider adding LOST JOURNAL to your online edition.  Just e-mail for a quote.  Please provide a current estimate of your circulation and/or online traffic, as well as the average rate paid to your regular content contributors.



You can add fresh, funny content to your pages with a quick e-mail or phone call.  Please contact Tim, and he’ll be happy to answer any questions (except with regard to his views on toaster cozies.


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Tim Mollen's "Lost Journal" Humor Column

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